Posted by: Marshall Hansen | September 11, 2010

Mini Yagi antenna build…

20110924 changed mobile provider soon after orig post and didn’t need yagi afterall. The link below for the modeler is great for any frequency, any size sorry for the incomplete project.

This is a build of a mini Yagi antenna which works with the Sprint Novatel Ovation U720 modem. This is not a priority project so it might be a week or so between updates. Here it is so far…

In a college town the cell coverage is great but weather, trees, buildings and other objects affect modem reception while my computer sits on the oak library table in my living room. The signal strength varies from 69-80dBm and is typically around 73dBm. This signal strength is assisted by the stainless steel colander reflector aimed at a distant line-of-site tower and without the colander I rarely get below 80dBm inside the house, which is unacceptable. Adding a Yagi will improve the reception and decrease the pauses while streaming Hulu or whatever. There are a couple features wanted in my design: 1) travel – a small profile antenna would be nice; and 2) I’m going to use brass as there are bits lying around (no, it will not be steampunked).

The length will be under 5 inches and tuned to the carrier frequency 1900 MHz.

Instead of posting numerous entries with a Yagi tag I’ll simply add the latest step to the end of this page.

A ton of info is available on the web regarding Yagi designs, etc. Some of my research for this project came from a couple of years ago but links are dead and other data was on the Sony laptop stolen earlier this year. I will add links and attribution/credit along the way. If you can use a calculator, a soldering iron and a few small hand tools you can make one.

Yagi antenna modeler:

Have: brass, many shapes, dimensions; tools

Bought: U720 Adapter cable-359909 $21.43; 20 ft RG/58 cable


Layout and boom


elements uncut



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